These Wonder Woman Movie Prop Replicas Are Soft and Safe for Cosplay


SWATs (Soft Weapons and Tactics) are stylized props executed in soft, safe materials that are becoming a new standard for cosplay. With many venues instituting new rules for conventions – and with a number of young fans getting involved in cosplay – SWATs are an easy and fun alternative to traditional weapon replicas.

Now, Factory Entertainment has a new line just in time for the newest DC tentpole movie. With the Wonder Woman SWAT Sword and Shield, it’s never been easier to become Diana of Themyscira.

Each is based on the screen used prop from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. The Shield features shimmering gold designs on a dark fabric, with two straps affixed to the back for easy use, and measures 18-inches diameter x 1-inch thick, while the Sword has a dragon-themed gold hilt and Amazonian runic script along the blade and measures 30-inches long x 7-inches wide.

Both SWATs feature a series of sounds that play on impact or when swung through the air, to heighten the cosplaying experience.

Whether you’re an active cosplayer or looking for some fun replica props to use with the younger fans in your life, these SWAT Plush are just what you need. Pre-order now and we’ll deliver as soon as they arrive this June!

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