Wonder Woman Trailer Drops Jaws


If you grew up a comic book fan, Wonder Woman was probably your first crush or your first inspiration to be strong… Or maybe both. She’s about to be that and more for a whole new generation of young girls and boys. In this new trailer for her first live action solo film, Wonder Woman is ready to fight for man’s world, and we need her.

The visuals of this film are stunningly beautiful. From Diana diving off a cliff to rescue Steve Trevor, to the battle scenes, you are captivated by the images in this trailer. The costumes, the locations, every detail seems to have mattered to director Patty Jenkins. The tone of the film doesn’t seem as dark as the previous DC Extended Universe films (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman), as it has a hint of hope, promise, and humor.

Gal Gadot is crushing it as Diana Prince and even more so as Wonder Woman. From this trailer it appears we’re going to get the classic Wonder Woman origin story with Steve Trevor crash landing on the hidden island of Themyscira. His appearance on the island filled with Amazon warriors, forces Diana to come to Man’s world and help protect them from this first World War that threatens even her secluded and secret homeland.

We were also gifted today with three new posters for the upcoming film. All three invoke the qualities of Wonder Woman: Wonder, Power, and Courage.

New Wonder Woman Posters

Image: Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman is primed to capture our hearts and our imagination as she debuts in theaters on June 2nd, 2017. It’s the last film before we get our first look at the Justice League together on screen in their first live action feature film.

Are you guys excited?



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