Check out the Action-Packed Wonder Woman Trailer


It’s been a long time coming—a very, very long time. But next June will finally see the release of the first ever Wonder Woman live action film. With just under a year until the release, DC debuted the first full-length trailer this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, and what a trailer it is.

Okay, I’m excited for this. Man of Steel was such a huge letdown for me, so I still have all my fingers and toes crossed, but there’s so much to like about this. For one, it looks like they’re ditching the New 52 revamp of Diana’s origin story and hewing closer to the classic story of a girl brought to life by the gods. Her costume has its vivid colors intact without looking gaudy. And hot damn the Lasso of Truth looks awesome. And that’s before we even get started on the action sequences! And the Themyscrian set design!

We’ll be seeing more Wonder Woman than ever in the coming year, with the celebrations for her 75th anniversary kicking into high gear in the lead up to the film’s release. Here’s hoping the film turns out to be the smash hit the Amazon warrior deserves.



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