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New Alien ReAction Figures from Funko

Alien ReAction

The long lost Alien Kenner action figures that never went into production can finally be added to your Kenner and action figure collection with these Alien ReAction Figures!

In 1979, prototypes for 3 3/4-inch action figures for the Alien film were developed but never manufactured by Kenner. Based on unearthed reference material and original 34-year-old prototypes, these “lost toys” are now a reality! Each 3 3/4 inch figure comes with approximately 5 points of articulation, accessories, and authentic blister card packaging.

Pick up the original set, which contains 5 individually packaged action figures: Alien, Ripley, Ash, Dallas, and Kane in a Spacesuit.

Also available as part of the Alien ReAction line are two – you heard it, two – Kane figures. Kane with Facehugger features the frightening Facehugger, a removable accessory. Kane with Chestburster showcases the seminal moment of the film, when the creature burst through his chest. Sometimes the scariest things come from within.

The Metallic Alien figure is truly frightening with a clear view of the elongated skull. Pick up Ripley in her space suit, complete with removable helmet.

In space no one can hear you scream. But in your ReAction Figure collection? Well, that’s entirely up to you.

These action figures are currently available for order at Entertainment Earth, where you get free shipping on orders of $79 or more!

» Order Kane w/ Facehugger ReAction 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure


» Order Kane w/ Chestburster ReAction 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure


» Order Metallic Alien ReAction 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure


» Order Spacesuit Ripley ReAction 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure


» Order Alien 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figures Set

Alien ReAction Figures

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