World’s Best Cat Trophy Statue

World's Best Cat Trophy Statue

Throw your own Cat-cademy Awards and give out the World’s Best Cat Trophy Statue to your furry friends! Of course, your cats won’t care, but you can have oodles of fun giving this 5-inch tall ceramic trophy to your cats as often as you like. Great for pictures on social media!

The World’s Best Cat Trophy Statue is only for the greatest of felines. With this trophy, your cat receives an award worthy of their outstanding achievements in daily activities. Your cat wins the Best Cat Award for their sleeping, eating, drinking, sleeping, posing with their World’s Best Cat Trophy Statue, and did we mention sleeping? What an incredible way to show your cat just how much you appreciate him or her. But hurry – these will sell out fast! Who are we kidding? Everyone’s cat is the World’s Best Cat.

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