New WWE Funko Pop! Figures Just Made the List!

The WWE and Funko Pop! figures. Separately, they’re extremely popular in their own rights. Combine them and you have an explosive and fast selling collectible for anyone and everyone. The latest set of WWE figures coming out includes a mix of old school icons and eventual Hall of Famers. Without further delay, I present to you your new WWE Funko Pop! champions!

In the long history of the WWE there have been bad guys and then… there’s the Iron Sheik. During the 1980s, he reigned supreme as the villain among villains. It’s safe to say he made Hulk Hogan the fan favorite he was during that era, giving him such a strong anti-American foe to beat. Currently, the Sheik is mostly known for his twitter account where he gives out advice, often comedically, to the “bubbas” and “jabronis.” That said, the Pop! figure details the Sheik with his classic trunks and white turban. The chase variant has an alternate red turban.

Within the last year, the WWE Women’s Division has been upgraded and given the respect of their male counterparts. The days of the Divas are gone, now we have women who wrestle in tables, cage, and yes, Hell in a Cell matches. They main event Monday Night RAW. And at times, doing a better job than most of the male Superstars on the roster. One of the main components of this women’s revolution is The Boss, Sasha Banks! Her new Funko Pop! encapsulates who The Boss is – with her signature sunglasses and Legit Boss knuckle ring (or brass knuckles maybe…I don’t know jewelry).

It’s rare but when a legendary Superstar retires from in-ring action few have gone on to have equally impressive manager careers. One such Superstar is The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. Everyone has a price, and everyone needs the Million Dollar figure. He’s detailed with his black, gold, and white suit with, of course, his Million Dollar Championship draped over his shoulder. DiBiase’s chase figure comes with his classic white suit. Take the money out of your mouth and get it now!

Finally, there’s a Pop! that promises to save us. Once you see it, you’ll never, EVVVVVVVER be the same again! That’s right – the G.O.A.T. – Y2J Chris Jericho is here! Jericho seems to get even better with age. His latest run with the company might have been his best. And to commemorate that, the Y2J vinyl figure comes complete with The List of Jericho and, of course, a stylish and expensive scarf.

You may not have a million dollars, but these Pop! figures won’t make you bankrupt. So, don’t wait to drink it in, man. Jump on it now, Jabroni!



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