New Wave of WWE Funko Pop! Figures! One Has a Chase That Will “Catch Your Breath”

Few things in the collectible world have maintained the intense popularity of the Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures. I myself have at least a dozen of them in my office ranging from Supernatural to Star Wars to Game of Thrones. There’s even one WWE figure in my collection, CM Punk, because he’s the best in the world! There’s a brand new line of WWE Pop! Vinyls releasing this spring and you’re going to want these for your collection!

Mick Foley

In his prime, Mick Foley (AKA Cactus Jack, AKA Dude Love, AKA Mankind, AKA Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy), was one of the most entertaining superstars in all of professional wrestling. Not only was he charismatic, interesting, and funny, but he put his body through some of the most insane matches in WWE history. Now you can own Mick Foley, complete with his “have a nice day” thumbs up and smiley face t-shirt under that flannel vest. I mean… he’s even wearing sweatpants! It’s the Foley we all know and love!


After making a return to the ring and winning (then subsequently losing) the WWE Universal Championship, Goldberg was still as hot as he was during the Monday Night Wars of the late 90s. He was the gold standard (pun intended) for the WCW brand as they did battle with the WWE for ratings dominancy. His legendary undefeated streak is something that has cemented him in the minds of all wrestling fans and that iconic look of his first WWE run has been captured in Pop! Vinyl glory. From the black and white trunks to the tattoo on his left shoulder, it’s like look at the real thing… if the real thing stood 3-inches tall.

AJ Styles

The Phenomenal One broke onto the WWE scene in early 2016 and it was never… EVER the same. He’s had arguably the best first year of a WWE superstar than anyone in the history of the company. It makes sense why. He’s succeeded everywhere he’s been from TNA to Ring of Honor to New Japan, AJ Styles is simply the best in the business. He’s worked extremely hard in and out of the ring to be at the very top of the game and you can see it in every match he works on the SmackDown Live brand in WWE. Now he’s immortalized in Pop! Vinyl form complete with his P1 gloves and signature ring gear, AJ is a must have for your collection. He’s “The Face That Runs The Place.” It’s a no brainer.

Finn Balor

Few superstars have been able to make such a lasting impact with just his entrance alone as Finn Balor. Not only is his entrance so mezmorizing but he’s a natural in the ring as well. He’s had classics with Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens, and he’s the first ever WWE Universal Champion. Now he’s returned from a brief injury hiatus and he’s ready to pick up where he left. You can now get Balor in his regular gear or a chase of him in his demon paint as well. He brings out the demon for the big matches and just like the face paint shows, he’s taken over by this persona and he brings his energy to another level in the ring. Join the Balor Club today and order BOTH of these Pops now!



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