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super mario bro fish tank

Gamer-artist Kelsey Kronmiller is at it again with brand new photos of her viral 55-gallon Super Mario Bros. fish tank – in all its completed glory! Entertainment Earth has the scoop, with an exclusive reveal of the tank’s aquatic inhabitants which you can see below!

Let’s dive into the story! But first: Haven’t heard of 26-year-old Kelsey Kronmiller, co-creator of You might want to check out our exclusive interview with Kelsey, where she explains her inspiration for this project, and how she made it come to fantastic fruition with Legos, PVC piping, acrylic tubing, vinyl, and a lolli-pop stick!

It’s worthy to also note that everything in the tank has been coated with Krylon Fusion, a fish-safe enamel that has been used by many aquarists. No fish were harmed in the making of this DIY project; in fact, Kelsey explained to us that the reason these finalized images are only now surfacing, months after the initial image hit Imgur, is because she was cycling the tank to ensure fish-safe water.

As you all may know, an unfinished photo of her tank hit the Internet by storm, becoming one of the most viral images of 2014. Now it is our pleasure to present some of the first images ever released of the tank in its final stage – and boy, is it truly incredible! Kudos to Kelsey!

Check out the underwater-level land inhabited by koopas, goombas, and plumbers!


Kelsey commented in our last interview, “I’m always working on a project, so there will be plenty more in the future. In terms of fish tanks, I want to do a small Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past theme for my betta fish tank at work. It won’t be as grand and large scale as this tank, but fun nonetheless.”


Perhaps not as large or grand scale, but this image which Kelsey provided of her newest creation shows us an aquarium with a great deal of potential. Let’s see, Internet. Can we make the A Link to the Past aquarium go viral? Go, go, go!

Are you working on an awesome DIY project? Cosplaying with creativity? Show us your fan made creations! Email us your photos at [email protected] and we might feature them here!

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