Mastering All Four Elements Is Easy When You Look as Statuesque as Korra

The Legend of Korra 11-Inch Statue

Korra always has a lot on her plate as the Avatar, Master of the elements and the bridge between the spiritual realms. But she sure does look confident and take charge as this Legend of Korra 11-Inch Statue. In fact, she practically oozes charisma.

Each statue in this run is individually hand painted and comes with an etched metal name plate and interchangeable left arm for optimal posing possibilities. She’s also a perfect representation of the character, designed by Kihyun Ryu — the Legend of Korra character designer.

This teenaged heroine from the Southern Water Tribe may not always be so cool, calm, and collected on her adventures to restore balance to a turbulent world — but she’s certainly at her heroic best as this beautiful statue! Pre-order yours today and we’ll deliver this July.

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The Legend of Korra 11-Inch Statue



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