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For Hard-to-Shop-for (and Famous) Peopple

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November 19, 2007

LOS ANGELES, CA: November 19, 2007 — Entertainment Earth (entertainmentearth.com)—a multi-channel Internet and catalog retailer specializing in action figures, toys, gifts, and collectibles—celebrates the holiday season with this amusing announcement of irresistible gift ideas for those super-hard-to-buy-for people on your list.

Best gift for a librarian: The Illustrated Librarian Temporary Tattoos, $12
With 12 non-toxic temporary tattoos, your book-fanatic friends and family can now boast slogans like "Literate 4 Life," "Read or Die," and of course, "Book Lust." Nothing says both “extreme” and “refined” like the words "Born to Read" emblazoned on your arm!

Best gift for a TMZ.com reader: Mr. Bean Bobble Head, $12-$17
There are only so many panty flashings, racist outbursts, and offensive hand gestures you can take. So, why not give the gift of Bean? This colorful figure looks exactly like Rowan Atkinson's popular character and comes complete with details like his teddy bear or green Mini. It's vaguely wholesome, too, which makes it a great antidote to a wardrobe malfunction!

Best gift for your jokester uncle: Cursin' Swear Bear Talking Plush, $18
This adorable little brown bear is for ages 18 and up. He measures a mere 6 1/2-inches tall but has the dirty mouth of a sailor 10 times his size! Give him a hug and you’ll hear such nuggets of wisdom as "Nobody loves you, everybody hates you, go **** yourself!" He’s guaranteed to be funny and foul! (Also available in classic, birthday, boob-job, and redneck varieties.)

Best gift for your movie-quoting hipster friends: Pulp Fiction Bad Mother ****** Wallet, $15
Why not give a movie prop replica that can actually be enjoyed in daily life? This unique wallet is styled after the one used by Samuel L. Jackson in the unforgettable film Pulp Fiction. With room for all your pals’ cash and cards, it’s sure to turn heads at the diner.

Best gift for a blogger: Plush Cthulhu, $13-$80
Bloggers are a smart bunch. They know news, they know art, and they know creepy creatures! Between postings about the search for Bigfoot, it's comforting to know that the early 20th century demon Cthulhu is there to give them a big, tentacle-filled hug. Available as plush toys, pillows, and even wreaths, this extraordinary character from H.P. Lovecraft has a great deal to offer any smarty-pants who needs a hair-raising cuddle.

Best gift for Ryan Seacrest: Star Wars Darth Vader Golf Club Cover, $25
While we've never met the man, Ryan seems like a busy guy who already has everything he could desire. So, you should probably just buy him something that you yourself would want… like this item. We assume that Ryan plays golf, and you most certainly like Darth Vader. That makes this plush driver cover just the thing! Also, it's cheap. That’s good because Ryan can buy himself a really expensive gift, and why should you spend your money on him, anyway?

Best gift for the MIT grad in your tech department who probably doesn't buy himself a lot of fun stuff: Namco Ms. Pac-Man Plug and Play TV Game, $30
Video game consoles are very expensive, but this cool joystick plugs right into your TV and includes 5 timeless arcade games! Everybody loves to have fun, and this item provides hours of entertainment in the form of Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, and other fan-favorites in a compact little unit for around $30.

Best gift for your cousin who is violently opposed to the very idea of clowns: Bozo the Clown 46-Inch Bop Bag, $15
It's massive and it's going to get a lot of abuse. This inflatable clown blows up in a jiffy and will withstand all the beatings your cousin can heap on it. With a sand-filled base helping it return to the upright, this punchable clown is sure to absorb all those feelings of unrestrained rage. This will undoubtedly help save the comedians, mimes, and other entertainers in your town from assault by your crazy kin.

Best gift for your brother who’s on the Internet watching anime all day and hasn’t seen the Sun since 1997: Witchblade Masane Amaha 1:8 Scale Statue, $65
Finding something really unusual to surprise an Internet-savvy anime fan is no small challenge, but this one-of-a-kind Witchblade statue has a certain special feature that will grab the attention of any gift recipient over the age of 18. She has soft, pliable plastic breasts. Yes, really. If that doesn’t garner you a hearty “Wow, what a great gift!”… nothing will!

Best gift for Britney Spears: Voltron Lion Die-Cast Masterpiece Figure, $150
She's had a tough year, so you want to give your favorite pop princess something that can help her get her life back together again. If there's anybody who knows about getting things back together, it's Voltron: 5 die-cast metal lions that combine into 1 mighty force! It's not a force in music but hey, it's the symbolism that counts.

Best revenge gift for your sibling’s children: Squawkers McCaw Animatronic Parrot, $80
Want to give a kid something noisy that’s guaranteed to annoy their parents? This may be the answer. From the creative minds that brought you the FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony, comes this singing, speaking, and—you guessed it—squawking bird. This fully featured faux-feathered friend looks and talks just like the real thing, but without the mess.

Best gift for your bowling buddy: Big Lebowski Urban Achiever 8-Inch Action Figures, $34
The Big Lebowski brought bowlers into the limelight in a whole new way, elevating “bowling buddy” to the stature of “hero.” This remarkable pair of 8-inch action figures comes with a number of bowling-themed accessories, as well as other nifty items from the film. As the first-ever sculptures of Lebowski characters, they make can't-miss gifts!

Best gift for your neighbor's kid who's too young for superhero action figures: Spider-Man Spider-Spud, $13
Mr. Potato Head swings into action with this exciting guise. The plump potato body comes with a stretchy cloth costume, red arms, a spider web, and other fun pieces designed to save the day without providing any really small parts. And everything can be stored inside the torso, so there's no worrying about losing them!

Best gift for your friend who likes to quote old cartoon episodes: EE Exclusive Star Wars Family Guy Darth Stewie Character Key, $30
Like a slice of cartoon history, this work of art features an animation cell replica with a nicely painted background. From the Star Wars / Family Guy crossover, this distinctive collectible brings you Stewie Griffin in Darth Vader's armor, and is limited to only 1,000 pieces. That should really give your buddy something to talk about!

Best gift for someone who likes the Wizard of Oz but thought it needed more bondage: Twisted Land of Oz Dorothy 12-Inch Action Figure, $40
Nothing shouts "creative gift idea" like a 12-inch tall plastic action figure wearing a thong, an open corset, and a blindfold. From the twisted designers at McFarlane Toys, this remarkable piece takes Dorothy and turns her into a freshly captured sex kitten. You won't find anything else like it!

Best gift for a boy child of the 1980s who hasn't figured out that it's 2007: G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Action Figures, $6-$30
Packaged in a way that resembles the classic A Real American Hero action figures, these unique heroes of G.I. Joe and terrorists of Cobra measure 3 ¾-inches tall and are loaded with goodies. Each figure appears more realistic than ever before and includes individual accessories and a personalized display stand. From Agent Scarlett to Zartan, you can give your friend all his favorites!

Best gift for a girl child of the 1980s who hasn't realized that it's 2007: My Little Pony 25th Anniversary 3-Packs, $35
Using the molds of the initial ponies, these cute little horsies come in packs of 3 for the ultimate in retro-toy fun and awesomeness. All the originals are here, along with their hairbrushes and gift boxes designed to resemble the packaging you may have seen in stores back in 1985. These ought to earn you a couple of hugs!

Best gift for your friend who is stuck in the 1980s: Bon Jovi Action Figures, $16
Music fans will love McFarlane Toys' Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora action figures. Each 6-inch scale character is posed singing or playing the guitar, ready to rock out on stage. They look incredibly realistic, but they stand a little shorter than in real life and have about 14% less sex appeal.

Best gift for an NPR listener / PBS watcher / teacher: Lord Crumwell's Oddfellows Figures, $20
Need something arty, highbrow, or mildly educational? These atypical figures—available individually or in sets of 5—include some of history's most influential writers, artists, geniuses, and revolutionaries. You'll find Picasso, Einstein, Twain, Shakespeare, Lenin, Warhol, and more in these amazing collections. They're ideal for the person who owns a bunch of tote bags.

Best gift for the Star Wars buff with everything: Entertainment Earth Exclusive Elite Forces of the Republic Action Figures, $70
Fact: Star Wars fans love Boba Fett. Fact: Star Wars fans love toys. With this in mind, these 14 exclusive action figures make the perfect gift! 6 characters in this set are Mandalorian warriors, just like Boba Fett. The other 8 are Clone Troopers based on the Republic's growing forces. Together, they're the ultimate bequest from a galaxy far, far away… that won't be available in any big-box stores.

About Entertainment Earth, Inc.
Based in Los Angeles, California, Entertainment Earth (entertainmentearth.com) is a worldwide category-killer multi-channel retailer and wholesaler of action figures, toys, gifts, and collectibles with a state-of-the-art website and popular print catalog. Founded online in 1996, Entertainment Earth offers an ever-expanding selection of over 5,000 licensed products and has pioneered best practices in the industry with innovations such as a mint-condition guarantee, risk-free shopping, and 90-day hassle-free returns.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please call Adam Pawlus at (818) 255-0090 or e-mail him at apawlus@entertainmentearth.com.

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