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Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Packs Wave 1 Set

Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Packs Wave 1 Set
Sold Out - For Informational Purposes Only 
This item is NOT FOR SALE. We do not expect any further shipments of this item and are keeping it on our website for informational purposes only.

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Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Packs Wave 1 Set Description:
They're more than meets the eye-- and they're tiny! Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Packs are here to grow your armies of these robots in disguise, and each figure has rolling wheels, firing projectiles, Autobot or Decepticon logos, and the ability to power up some other Transformers toys (not included.) With all this added firepower, you can help save Cybertron-- or destroy it!

Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Packs Wave 1 Set includes: 1x Shockwave vs. Tankor, 1x Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast, 1x Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer. (Subject to change.)

With the departure from Earth of the Autobots and Decepticons, Shockwave and the Sky Attack Team found themselves free to pursue their own interests. Shockwave has spent the last decade hiding among the armed forces of dictators and tyrants around the world, signing on with whoever is most likely to give him the opportunity to rain fire down on helpless soldiers and civilians. There's nothing Shockwave loves more than to see a huge columnn of oily black smoke arising from the center of a populated area, and know that it was his bombs that lit the fires.

After the Unicron Battles, many Mini-Con robots chose to remain on Earth, in hiding and separate from the ongoing conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons. Tankor, with his teammates on the Air Defense Team, hid among the armed forces of Earth so that they could protect the humans from Shockwave and the Sky Attack Team. The desire to protect human life is nearly an obsession for Tankor; he exists solely to prevent the damage inflicted by Shockwave and his aerial companions. The return of the Transformers to Earth has forced them once again to take sides in a larger conflict.

Sky Lynx prides himself on his ability to evade enemy defenses and drop his payload with pinpoint accuracy from amazing altitudes. The only one among all Transformers to ever offer him a challenge in this is Thunderblast, and for that he grants his rival respect and admiration. Given the distance involved in their battles the two have met face to face only rarely, but Sky Lynx considers Thunderblast a friend, despite their differing philosophies.

These two aggressive robots have been rivals for centuries. Over years Thunderblast has specialized in long-range defense against high altitude attacks specifically for the purpose of defeating Sky Lynx. The two robots treat this rivalry as a game, ultimately caring little for victory, as long as they can offer each other a challenge. Thunderblast shares a rough sort of respect with Sky Lynx, and wishes that circumstances were different so that they might be friends in peace as well as war.

Razorclaw has such a passion for destruction that he prefers strafing ground targets with his powerful machineguns rather than bombing them from high altitude. Anarchy is his bread and butter; he lives to crush his enemies, drive them before them, and hear the lamentations of the survivors. Nothing gives him as much pleasure as destroying a great city and razing its cultural institutions - libraries, museums, schools - for he knows that ignorance is the seed of chaos, and it is in chaos he feels most comfortable.

Few enemies are as bitter as Steamhammer and Razorclaw. Steamhammer took his vehicle form because of a deep love of life and order. He believes that war is an unnatural disruption of the organized advance of culture, and does everything he can to limit combat and defend vulnerable targets. He looks at warfare as a necessary evil, but one that does only damage to the civilizations that wage it. Depsite his own heroism, he never sees anything by the terrible cost of war at the conclusion of any battle.

News Archive:

Transformers Mini-Cons Wave 1! 10/15/2005
COMING SOON! The Transformers Cybertron Mini-Con 2-Packs Wave 1 Set are coming, and they're bringing 12 bite-sized Cybertronians in one handy low-price set! This colorful pack of warriors includes: 1x Shockwave vs. Tankor, 1x Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast, 1x Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer. (Subject to change.)

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